Recommended half day: 42 km 

Helmets on, sunglasses in the right position and off to the beach of the shrimp fishermen by horse!!

We start the tour towards the Kastanjeplein, the Sinte-Katharina Kapellepad and the Oude Aa canal towards Rousdamme. We pass the Old Zeedijk Mill and drive through the village of Avekapelle, cross the street Pervijze-Veurne and continue our route over the Proostdijkvaartbrug, along the winding, rural road to Veurne. We traverse the residential area of Nieuwstad and continue our scooter in this intact part of the west corner. We pass the cherry orchard, an old fisherman’s house and see a church tower in the distance. At most, the peace is interrupted by a chugging tractor. In this way we scooter quietly and enjoy the dunes of Oostduinkerke. And “en passent” we drive past the “floating crane” . We stroll along the quiet, slightly undulating lanes of Oostduinkerke. The Sea, The Beach !!  We take off our helmets for a while, put our feet in the water and breathe in the sea air. Enjoy a heavenly ice cream? Drink a deliciously scented cup of coffee? And all this with a sea view !! And tour !!! Through the beautiful golf course Golf Ter Hille we continue our way. Discover everything that ends up in the net of the horse fisherman and taste the “vesche gernoors” with a Rodenbach, in the meantime get to know everything about the Belgian draft horse breed in the educational center “Het Trekpaard” . Reservations are a must. On the way back you drive through the picturesque village of Wulpen. the thirsty ”?  in D’Oude Presbytery. We pass Booitshoeke,  T’Peerdt smacks stole !! T’Antoontje is in sight !!!

In the sun and out of the wind, settle in, taste our picon with a tapas platter and enjoy this incredible experience. 

This route can also be combined with the countryside via Lampernisse as an afternoon or day trip! 50km