The Nuts

Recommended day trip  = 69km

Departure point: Scoot and Food, Oude Nieuwpoortweg 1, 8600 Diksmuide (Pervijze).

Recommended day trip  :70 km

Touring along the Moeren, it not only sounds beautiful, the landscape is equally beautiful. We scooter to the atmospheric polder village of Booitshoeke, take a first photo of the mosaic-colored cobblestone carpet in front of the special church. We make a detour via Veurne, and free and cheerful we scooter through a charming part of the Westhoek “alias Bachten de Kupe” to  Adinkerke.. Here, be careful, we have to cross the Plassendale-Dunkirk canal. We follow over the bridge  towards the Moors. In this way we scooter quietly and enjoying the Cabour dunes. These dunes form an oasis of peace, a unique, unspoilt piece of nature,  one of the best preserved fossil dune areas in northwestern Europe. Some parts of this 107.5 hectare area are already 5000 years old. They therefore have great ecological value and enjoy special protection. These dunes are a paradise for nature and bird lovers. Notice the Haflinger horses, discover this valuable fragile piece of nature!! Refresh the “thirsty”? Want to soak up the atmosphere?  You can, in the inn “Au retour de la chasse”. After this work of mercy we drive idyllically on.

Bienvenue , nous sommes en France !!

Smoothly and while scootering we continue our way, driving through Ghyvelde, to Les Moeres. Along the way we enjoy the “bare land”, a very low-lying area, with flat and wide views to the horizon. Hungry, thirsty? On discovery but …. Here and there are (hidden) authentic  cafes. Picon  – Ricard  –  des tartines –  the crepes  and all at affordable prices.

Full of joy we cross the border again (“de schreve”). West Flanders in!!  Green meadows, grazing cows, a farm and in the distance a church tower give us a nostalgic feeling. At most, the peace is interrupted by a chugging tractor. Enjoy!!! Scooter like this  we entered Houtem, one of the 50 most beautiful villages in Flanders. The area is recognized as a village sight.  The 16th century Church of Our Lady of the Ascension and the 17th century rectory are protected as monuments. And “fit” we drive past ‘t Klein Pleasure. A popular café where time has stood still. No stress, just peace and simplicity here. Take a seat on the cozy terrace!

And now give “buzz”…., to Bulskamp, from there to Steenkerke (careful, we do have to cross the busy Ypres Steenweg), to Eggegaatkapelle…All Polder-Platlanddorpjes. Hear the silence, see the charm of the countryside.  In the village of Lampernisse, the quietest village in the Westhoek and located between the extensive protected basins and beautiful historic polder grasslands, we go off road and take the Veldwegel to the Oude Zeedijk, from there via the Oude Aa path  to Rousdamme. We skilfully overcome the obstacles, over the bridge, underneath the bridge. Then via the Sinte-Katharina Kapellepad to the Kastanjepleintje, with the observation tower to our left.

T’ Antoontje comes into view!!!! T’ Peerdt smells like a stable!!!

In the sun and out of the wind, settle in, taste our homemade picon, African Braai and reminisce about this incredible adventure.  


ps : ps : we do not recommend day trips for young people less than 6 years old.