Rental conditions

Scoot & Food  – Oude Nieuwpoortstraat 1 – Pervijze-Diksmuide

We do not rent Vespas, but we do rent the latest generation of EMCO Electric Scooters

Rent & Payment
The scooters can only be rented through our website www.scootandfood. be  The tenant hereby confirms for reservation  have read, understand and agree to all rental conditions  these conditions. He is also asked to inform all co-drivers and / or passengers of these conditions and to ask them to read them on our website (the rental conditions can be clicked at the bottom of each page of the site). Finally, they can be read again on site at Scoot & Food IN FRONT OF departure of the ride. 
The rent for scooters and any extras are paid in full and immediately upon reservation. 

Delivery of the vehicle, helmet and GPS
The scooter must be picked up and returned in good condition at the following address: Oude Nieuwpoortstraat 1 Pervijze – Diksmuide. The vehicle documents, including a road map, are supplied in advance by the lessor and will be in the luggage compartment of the vehicle.  When the vehicle is delivered, the user and safety aspects as well as the operation of the vehicle are discussed verbally. A test drive is one of the options. The terms of use and agreements as well as all instructions given by the lessor must be followed and implemented immediately, without delay and in full by the tenant (s).
When the scooter is made available, a state of the scooter is drawn up in the presence of the tenant, this by means of a drawing, on which any existing damage is indicated, this can also be done via photos or in another way.  This state is signed or otherwise certified by both parties.

Adapted clothing (with the exception of the helmet) is not required by law, but it is recommended. In sunny and warm weather, the temptation is great to wear loose clothing with short sleeves. Keep in mind that the painful abrasions can be large in the event of a fall; The sun can also burn brightly on arms and legs (in this case, definitely use sunscreen). Wearing flip flops and high heels is prohibited. Good sunglasses can certainly be an added value. In the spring and autumn it is best to wear wind and waterproof clothing, a scarf and gloves.

Identification and age (16-18 -23 years)
The tenant must identify himself with a valid and recognizable identity card (this will be photographed via mobile phone before departure). The driver of the scooter must be at least 23 years old to be fully insured. Any passenger is at least 8 years old and sufficiently tall to have a footrest at the back of the scooter. (with the exception of children between 3 & 8 years with a child seat). Please always inform us when booking if the passenger is younger than 8 years old.  We do not recommend day trips for children under 6 years old. If a guarantee is given by a driver over 23 years old and this is allowed for a co-driver from 18 years old, but there is an exemption of 300 euros in the third-party liability insurance for the person less than 23 years old. The minimum legal age for driving class A scooters is 16 years. If a guarantee is given from a driver over 23 years old and this for a co-driver from the age of 16, this is also allowed, but there is a total exemption from the third-party liability insurance for the person less than 18 years old. It is expressly forbidden and against Belgian Traffic Law to allow children to stand on the footplate between the driver and the steering wheel while driving! In the event of a possible accident or injury, the costs will not be recoverable from our liability insurance and the driver at that time is fully liable for all possible costs that may arise from this or other irresponsible driving behavior.

You drive electrically and GREEN with charged batteries  
At the start, the scooter is equipped with 2 fully charged 37 ah batteries with a range of at least 100 km (depending on weight, driving style, terrain and temperature). A travel distance of 100 km is guaranteed at all times. Should a flat battery nevertheless occur, a new fully charged battery will be brought to the place where the tenant is at that moment. However, a cost of 25 euros is charged if it is outside the predetermined distance.

In the event of damage to the scooter during the rental and regardless of the cause thereof, the lessor has the right to immediately charge the compensation for the  to cover repair costs and other damage (see further under the heading damage).  This is immediately calculated via a provisional damage estimate by Electric Scooters & Bikes Bruggesteenweg 261 8830 Hooglede-Gits or in the absence by Scoot & Food. If, after the repair has been carried out and on presentation of the statement regarding the damage,  less damage, the remaining amount will be refunded. If there is an imposition, the tenant will pay this no later than 8 days after notification of the statement.

Traffic rules – GPS
The tenant must at all times comply with Belgian law. In addition to respecting the traffic rules, one is expected to be responsible  to handle the vehicle. It is forbidden to use alcohol, drugs and / or medicines that affect the driving skills both before and during the use of the vehicle. The driver is obliged to wear the helmet while driving the scooter. Use of a mobile phone is absolutely prohibited while driving. If a violation with regard to the rented vehicle is established by the competent services during the rental period, the renter will be liable for that violation and the consequences thereof. In the event that the landlord must send any document related to the violation to the tenant, an administration fee of € 25.00 will be charged. 

The GPS that is offered serves as an aid to drive a nice route. However, the directions on the GPS should not be followed blindly. The applicable traffic rules always have priority over this. 

Breakdown, accident and insurance   
In the event of a breakdown (eg flat tire), the tenant can call us. We will first try to repair the breakdown on site. If this is not possible, there will be a towing to either the repair service with address Electric Scooters &  Bikes  Bruggesteenweg 261  8830 Hooglede-Gits or the address Oude Nieuwpoortstraat 1 in Diksmuide.  The driver of the scooter will be returned to the address of the rental company. The vehicle is insured against damage to third parties with a franchise of 300 euros for accompanied drivers between 18 and 23 years old. There is no comprehensive insurance.        

In case of late arrival of the scooter (after 1.30 pm for morning rentals and after 6.30 pm for afternoon or full day rentals), a rental of € 10.00 per half hour started applies. (except somewhere along the way shelter from rain or other unforeseen circumstances)  

The tenant is not allowed to lend, sublet or hand over the vehicles.   

A maximum of one passenger may be transported with the rented scooter, if this is permitted by traffic legislation.  The passenger is also obliged to wear a helmet. Pets are not allowed to be transported.  Children between 3 years and 8 years can travel as a passenger in a child seat. Here too, an adapted helmet is mandatory.

Good weather guarantee – Weather conditions       
Good weather guarantee does not automatically mean that the sun has to shine. A little wind or a splash of rain is not enough to cancel the trip. What matters is that you use the scooter in good weather conditions  can drive. In the event of a possible rain shower, the scooter will be provided with a disposable raincoat and trousers. If shelter is required during the ride due to a thunderstorm, the scooter may be brought in later than the foreseen time limit and this without extra costs. In this case, we would like to receive a message during your ride.

The tenant does have the right to cancel the booking on the basis of bad weather and this in consultation with the landlord, but only on the day of the reserved scooter ride. In that case, the reservation can be moved to another date or exchanged for a voucher within a maximum period of 12 months. The lessor also has the right to cancel the reservation due to the weather that is too bad for him (gusts of wind, slippery roads).

Cancellation for serious personal reasons of a reservation must be done at least 3 working days in advance. In that case, the reservation can be moved to another date, within a maximum period of 6 months or a voucher can be given for the same value.
If canceled without serious reason, or if the reservation is not moved within the specified time frame, 50% of the total rent and reserved extras (including meals, team building…) will be charged to the lessor by way of fixed compensation. If the tenant does not show up, the full amount of the reservation will be charged.  

Precaution of theft       
When parking the vehicles, the tenant must take the necessary precautions against theft, the use of the steering wheel lock is mandatory. The luggage compartment is also closed so that the car documents cannot be stolen. also the scooter is never left out of sight of the renter.

In the event of theft, loss or complete destruction, the renter is liable for the total and actual damage to the vehicle, however caused, regardless of whether this is a result of the fault of the renter or third parties on the public road or private domain. Also in the event of loss of the vehicle documents by the tenant, the latter will be responsible for the resulting costs. The damage due to loss of rent is not included in this and can therefore be additionally claimed. The tenant will immediately notify the landlord of any accident, damage, destruction or disappearance in which the rented property is involved (notification obligation). In the event of a collision, the tenant undertakes to submit a written, fully completed collision form and / or any official report to the lessor. The tenant will refrain from making any adverse (liability) acknowledgment. If any claim or charge is made for death, personal injury or damage to property, condition, use or utilization of the rented property, the hirer must promptly notify the lessor and provide the lessor with a copy of each claim, notice, subpoena, proceeding and plea received in connection with this while co-operating with the landlord in defending them.
The landlord is not responsible for damage or breakdown as a result of weather conditions.
If the tenant does not comply (in time) with the above notification obligation and this would lead to loss of claims to an insurance payment or the possibility of holding a third party liable for the damage / loss incurred or would otherwise damage the landlord the tenant is liable for this damage and will indemnify the landlord for this.

Good family man    
The tenant undertakes to use only paved roads and asphalted cycle paths. The tenant is not allowed to cross national borders. All repair and / or cleaning costs as a result of driving on lowered curbs, forest paths, not flat (cobblestone) roads, unpaved roads or field roads  (unless one follows the routes set out by the landlord on GPS) are at the expense of the tenant.  The lessor is entitled to immediately recall the vehicle after alleged misuse or after established violations of the general rental conditions and to have it returned, without any compensation of the rent.

Personal data protection
The protection of its customer data is extremely important to Scoot & Food. We undertake not to resell or share data with third parties. The customer data can only be used in the context of the implementation of this agreement.  This information can only be used for sending promotions or newsletters, with the explicit consent of the customer-tenant. 

Force of the majority
If the lessor, due to force majeure, cannot make the rented property available to the tenant, the lessor cannot be held responsible for this. However, the landlord will do everything possible to remedy the problem as correctly as possible or will propose an appropriate alternative. The landlord will never be able to impose financial compensation (eg in case of damage or late arrival by the previous tenant, weather conditions, safety reasons, road works, etc…).    

gift cards
The “gift voucher” can only be ordered and paid via our site. It is valid for up to one year from the date of deregistration and can be transferred to third parties. After the
the end date, the voucher expires definitively and no rights can be derived from it                                                                                                    


If you wish, you can additionally and only by reservation in advance, of breakfast,  Enjoy a BBQ or braai at our farm (address Scoot & Food, payment on site). Children are also allowed, but only under strict supervision and responsibility of the parents. No separate care is provided for this. It is forbidden to enter the meadow and the private part of the residence. The farm is partially enclosed with a deep well behind the private residence. (danger of drowning). The company Scoot & Food, and its managers can be held responsible for accidents on the grounds of the farm.

Competent court         
In the event of a dispute, only the courts in Veurne are competent.