Westhoek  Eversambos 

Recommended only day trip = 71 km   (Possibility for a nice picnic in the Warandehof, by appointment only)

Departure point: Scoot and Food, Oude Nieuwpoortweg 1, 8600 Diksmuide (Pervijze).

We leave for the atmospheric polder village of Booitshoeke. We scooter via the rural field road, drive over the bridge the Proostdijkvaart  about. Once in Avekapelle we follow the cycle path  towards Veurne. We pass the rural village of Steenkerke and continue our way to  it castle of Beauvoorde .  Maybe the coffee house ” Toe Tuzend Already open. We continue our scooter to Izenberge, calmly and enjoyingly. If you fancy a nice ice cream, visit the farm The Korenhalm . In the village of Gijverinkhove we take the towpath behind the St. Peter’s Church. You will pass the art gallery Johny De Witte. If you want to know more about everything that has to do with growing rhubarb, be sure to stop by it Warandehof where you can enjoy a rhubarb beer. hungry? Located next to the Stavelebrug ‘t Hof van Commerce , with a view of the Yser, there can be a support here with meat from ‘t Zwientje  be eaten. If you have brought your own picnic, you can relax in the blissfully here at the bridge summer garden n’or with a drink. We continue our way through the Eversambos towards Vleteren. We now go to the hamlet “De Fintele”. You will pass ao De Witten , where you can refresh yourself again. We follow the meanderings of the Yser up to the Lo bridge and from there to Reninge. You pass the L’Heritage tearoom, ideal for a pancake or homemade ice cream. We scooter further through the nature reserve “De IJzerbroeken”.  One last stop? Then opt for a refreshment on the water The boat or the  Inn The Knocke (weekend only).  Ready for a ride “Bachten De Kupe”? (The piece of Westhoek behind the Yser) We drive through the charming village of Sint-Jacobs-Kapelle or also described as “the middle of the world” because of the charm and the silence that reigns there. The Yser Tower comes into view, with its 84m height, this monument is the highest peace monument in Europe. And we again follow the twists and turns of the Yzer. The “Boyau de la Mort” (the Trench of Death: a complex of preserved trenches) and the oil tanks remind us of the First World War. Here we take the field road to Oud-Stuivekenkskerke. Take a look at the watchtower for a beautiful view. After we drove through the picturesque polder village of Stuivekenskerke, “it smells like stables” !!! T ‘Toonje is in sight !!!

In the sun and out of the wind, settle down, taste our homemade picon and enjoy this incredible experience.    


ps : ps : we do not recommend day trips for young people less than 6 years old.