Nieuwpoort Marina

The 52 km marina Nieuwpoort route is intended for an afternoon or full day trip.

Spread your wings and drive, to the “street that runs to the backe of Pervijse”, the Schoorbakkebrug!  We follow the meanderings of the Yzer, pass patient anglers, swaying reeds, water birds, pastures with grazing cattle, a farm and in the distance a church tower. At most, the peace is interrupted by a chugging tractor. How idyllic it is now, so desolate, swampy and completely destroyed it was here a century ago. The IJzerdijk and the Yser were crucial elements of the front line during the First World War.

The Uniebrug is located on the border of Sint-Joris and Mannekensvere. Beware! We do not drive under, but on the bridge, and turn right onto the Verschen Dijk. On the left bank of the Yser, a massif image of a soldier rises high, who looks menacingly in the direction of the Yser, hands folded over the rifle, in military posture, as if paying tribute to his dead companions. The memorial aims to remind of the participation of the Belgian 7 the line regiment at the battle of the Yser, 17-23 October 1914. We continue to scoot and take the towpath along the Yser.

It is located on the right bank, at the mouth of the Yzer water reservoir . The perfect location for sailing, kayaking or windsurfing. The left bank is home to the Nieuwpoortse camping areas.

“The Nieuwpoort lock complex” or better known as “ The Goose Paw ”. The name refers to the shape of the entire complex. This place played an important role  during the First World War. In October 1914, the opening of the locks caused the Yzer plain to be flooded. This brought an end to the rudding up of the German troops. In the visitor center Westfront you will learn more about the role of the lock complex and the flooding. At the lock complex you can see the King  Albert monument. This protected  monument  was established as a lasting tribute to all frontline soldiers and their commander King Albert the 1st from the First World War. It is built out of clay, mined from along the Yzer. Remains of war ammunition can still be found here and there. On top of the ring beam is a walkway with orientation tables, which offers a beautiful view over the Yser plain.  Here we drive onto the Boterdijk (and follow the Plassendalevaart for a while) towards Lombardsijde. Behind the village center of Lombardsijde lies the protected nature reserve “De Schuddebeurze dunes”. Bunkers, trenches and ammunition depots were built here during the Second World War.  The village center is 1.5 km away from the North Sea.

The Nieuwpoort marina is now the largest in Northern Europe. A characteristic feature is the presence of the many sailing yachts. Enjoy !!

Nieuwpoort, capital of the ” Versche ZeeVisch”!! In the fish market you can literally and figuratively soak up the atmosphere. The fish auction is a spectacle that appeals to all the senses. Several times a week there is a supply of fresh fish that is auctioned on site. You can immediately buy the fish that is traded in the fish shops on the quay or try one of the many local fish restaurants. Are you hungry?  Then go looking for Fish house “The Panger” , where there is fresh fish every day from their own boat “De Ramblers z279” and taste the vesche gernoors with a “fishwife” (local beer).

Through the kattesas, a narrow lock, we drive past the old marina, the nature reserve “ The Yser Estuary into the harbor channel. The Yser is the only Flemish river that flows into the sea. And there where salt and fresh water meet, a special biotope developed: mud flats, salt marshes, dunes, beach and polders.

The Sea, the beach !! Enjoy a heavenly ice cream? Drink a deliciously scented cup of coffee? And all this with a magnificent sea view !!  Because we are not allowed to drive on the beach promenade, we continue our way along the nice shops in Albert 1 laan.                                           

We scoot through the residential Simili district.  And stroll around …

Via the Carthusian dunes we drive to the Zouavenpad, cheerful and full of joy we scoot through this charming part of  the Westhoek aka  “Bachten de Kupe” . The green meadows with grazing cows, horses and the Brabanter (the Belgian draft horse) give you a nostalgic feeling. Just before the end of the street, before the traffic lights we take the cycle path on the right to the canal Nieuwpoort-Dunkirk or the Veurnevaart. We scoot along the canal to the  Florizoon bridge.  At this bridge you can find the artwork “Blij Weerzien”.  This piece of art symbolizes the bond between the land people and the sea people, between the village people and the tourists, between the fields and the dunes. 

Quench the thirsty?  It can, in “Het dorstige hart”! But also in d’Oude Pastorie in the hamlet of Wulpen. we continue through “Le Plat Pays” or “My Flat Land”  or “t ‘Bote” (as we say it).  When we arrive in Avekapelle it gets a bit more adventurous…. We scooter via a rural field road, away from the much ridden roads. Be careful we have to cross the Veurnestraat! We drive smoothly via the picturesque bridge over the Proostdijkvaart to the atmospheric polder town Booitshoeke. Now a final sprint up to ‘t Antoontje?

 Enjoy a refreshing beverage on our farm … santé.